Chemical Engineering Transactions, Volume (21), No (1), Year (2010-7) , Pages (1045-1050)

Title : ( A method for the Regeneration of used Fe-ZSM5 Catalyst in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis )

Authors: Yahya Zamani , S.Hajar Yousefian , Ali Nakhaei Pour , Behnoosh Moshtari , Farzad Bahadoran , S.Ali Taheri ,

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Fischer–Tropsch synthesis (FTS) is a process for converting syngas from natural gas or coal to higher hydrocabons. Due to the high FTS and water–gas-shift (WGS) activity, iron-zeolite catalyst is the preferred catalyst for FTS using low H2/CO ratio syngas from coal gasification or CO2 reforming of natural gas . Iron catalyst was prepared by co-precipitation method. Sufficient reagent grade ferric chloride and cupric nitrate caused to produce precipitate. The dried HZSM5 zeolite was mixed by iron catalyst. Iron - zeolite catalysts was agglomerated with silica solution. The catalyst was dried and calcinated in air. The catalyst characterized by AAS,XRD,SEM,TPR and BET. Catalytic reaction runs were conducted in a fixed-bed stainless steel reactor. The ability of regeneration of catalysts could increase economical benefit. In this paper, two types of used Iron-ZSM-5 catalyst regenerated by mixture of O2/N2 or air. Feed conversion and products selectivity after regeneration were investigated in different times, and the results are compared with fresh catalyst. In this method, used catalyst regenerate by air or O2/N2 mixture at 300-500 oC for 8 hours in atmospheric pressure. The catalyst reduced in to H2/N2 mixture then activated at 270 oC and 1 atm for 24 h. Finally, the regenerated catalyst tested in optimum reaction condition and experimental results collect by a Gas Chromatography.


, Fischer, Tropsch synthesis; iron, based catalyst; catalyst deactivation
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