Veterinary Record, ( ISI ), Volume (142), No (20), Year (1998-1) , Pages (551-552)

Title : ( Nasal mite of dogs Pneumonyssus (Pneumonyssoides) caninum in Iran )

Authors: Ahmad Reza Movassaghi , Mehrdad Mohri ,

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A seven-year-old male large breed dog with a history of cutaneous leishmaniasis was presented to the University of Mashhad Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The dog was in poor bodily condition and very emaciated. On clinical examination, it had a heart rate of 86 beats/min, increased respiratory rate, mucoid nasal discharge and a cutaneous lesion on the right forelimb. Evaluation of a haemogram revealed no abnormalities. The dog was hospitalised, but despite supportive therapy its condition continued to deteriorate and it was euthanased. At postmortem examination, very fine oval, yellow-white parasites were found crawling over the nasal epithelium and around the external nares. After saggital sectioning, moderate numbers of parasites were seen in the nasal passages and paranasal sinuses. The nasal mucosa was hyperaemic with mucoid exudate. The parasites were sent to a diagnostic laboratory and identification was based on morphology. They were identified as P caninum (Fig 1). Light microscopy revealed a catarrhal rhinitis.


, Nasal mite, Dog, Iran, Pneumonyssoides
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