14th Intl. Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Congress , 2010-05-18

Title : ( Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis: New reaction mechanism )

Authors: Ali Nakhaei Pour , Yahya Zamani , Behnam Hatami ,

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Although numerous studies over 70 years concern the mechanism of the fischer -tropsch synthesis this sunject still remains controversial. At present many authors favour the CH2 insertion mechanism as dominant for the F-T synthesis. Fischer is usually attributed to be the first to advance the cabide mechanism for the fischer -tropsch synthesis FTS. the work of emmett and coworkers , combined with the work at the US bureau of mines led to the wide spread acceptance of the oxygenate reaction mechanism for FTS. indirect evidence for the surface carbide mechanism involving methylene was obtained by scavenging reactions with an added compound the new reacion mechanism for the fischer - tropsch synthesis is described. our data are considered to support combined carbide and oxygenate intermediate. the sturcture of the chain initiating species is considered to be , or closely resembles, the formate species responsible of the water-gas shift reaction. Chain propagation is considered to involve a different species that is either CO or species derived from CO. the growing chain is considered to lose the final oxygen during the chain termination step.


, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, reaction mechanism, iron catalyst, cobalt catalysts
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%A Yahya Zamani
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