Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, ( ISI ), Volume (3), No (2), Year (2013-12) , Pages (86-92)

Title : ( Investigation of effective Microorganisms (EM) Impact in Water Stress )

Authors: Ali akbar shokouhian , Gholam Hossein Davarynejad , Ali Tehranifar , A. Imani , A. Rasoulzadeh ,

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Almond is cultured at defect water regions as drought farming on the hills. The main problem in these regions is the lack of soil moisture during growth season. Application seedlings, with regards to deeper of root system with comparing to roots produced of vegetative rootstocks, causes to be stable tree in this condition. This study in order to evaluation of water stress effects and Effective microorganisms (Em) on growth and amount of storage nutrition in leaves of almond seedling was conducted in Department of Horticultural Science, agriculture faculty, Ferdowesi University of Mashhad, in 2011. In this research effects of two different Em concentrations (0, 0.5%) by solution in water in 60 day before of drought stress treatments and drought stress treatments with three levels, 100, 66, and 33% of FC on seedling of almond. Using factorial base on randomized complete bloke design (RCBD) in four replications was evaluated. Results showed effects of different Em and irrigation levels on amount of plant growth. It was found that Em increased amount of plant growth, number of leaf, leaf area,fresh and dry weight, storage chlorophyll, N, K and P in leaves. In finally the best plant growth was achieved by treatments of interaction between irrigation level of FC% 100 and Effective microorganisms.


, chlorophyll, fresh and dry weight, plant growth, seedling,
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