Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, ( ISI ), Volume (1), No (3), Year (2013-1) , Pages (693-701)

Title : ( Effects of Perceived Organizational Support on Organizational Entrepreneurship: Case Study )

Authors: Roya Alizadeh , Elham Pilevar Moakher , Zahra Sadat Mirzazadeh , Mahmood Soltani ,

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Entrepreneurship is one of the most important matters been taken consideration in developing and developed countries. In the meantime, one is main branches of entrepreneurship is organizational kind that without doubt, plays main role to progress and develop the organizations. Organizational entrepreneurship is a way to renew economic and organizational capabilities. The organizations that do not keep pace comprehensive changes are rapidly obsolete, therefore, they should deprive their classic ideas and follow knowledge, experiences, cultures and strategies make them successful in the future. The organization can have a forward accelerated movement and provide its human resources with entrepreneurship knowledge and skills by generating required beds. Entrepreneurship empowerment and generating an appropriate bed to develop are main special schemes for the organizations in developing countries. Here, roles of organizational managers have promising importance so as they can create a context and support to make appreciation and training of entrepreneurship activities in the organization. Also, one of debates currently in human resources management scope and organizational behavior is perceived organizational support. The main purpose of this study is to investigate perceived organizational support of organizational entrepreneurship among physical education staff in Khorasan Razavi Province. This study conducted among total 110 physical education staff of Khorasan Razavi Province. Data collection tool was perceived Eizenberger, Huntington, Hutchison and Swa’s organizational support questionnaire (1986) and organizational entrepreneurship questions using Rodriguez et al. paper (2011). In order to analyze data, correlation analysis was used and the results show a significant and positive correlation between perceived organizational support and creativity, willingness to success and risk as well as no significant relationship between perceived organizational support and tolerance. Also, the result show that by creating an appropriate bed through perceived organizational support, creativity, willingness to success, risk and finally staff organizational entrepreneurship are increased. These show that the organization can validate staff participations in order to improve its performance, appreciate on time extra time activities, take consideration of staff general welfare and their multidimensional satisfaction and finally it can take advantages of implications or organizational entrepreneurship by which improves and rises perceived organizational support.


, Perceived organizational support, Organizational entrepreneurship, Creativity, Tolerance
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