The 12th Iranian Aerospace Society Conference , 2013-02-19

Title : ( Numerical Simulation of liquid Sloshing with baffles in the fuel container )

Authors: Alireza Javanshir , Rasool Elahi , Mohammad Passandideh-Fard ,

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In this paper, a two-dimensional numerical model is developed to study viscous liquid sloshing in a tank with internal baffles. The model is validated by a comparison between the computational and experimental results for time-dependent linear acceleration sloshing scenarios. The governing equations for the 2D incompressible fluid flow are continuity and Navier-Stokes equations along with an equation for the free surface advection. The deformation of the liquid-gas interface is modeled using the Volume-of-Fluid (VOF) method. The fluid flow equations describing the fluid sloshing in the container and the dynamic equation which describes the movement of the container are solved separately in two coupled programs. In each time step of computations, the outputs of the fluid program (forces and torque) are obtained and used as inputs for the dynamic program. The forces and torque are applied to the body of the container resulting in translational accelerations which are then used as inputs to the fluid program. At first this model was validated by theoretical and experimental results for linear acceleration and after that it is used to simulate the effect of vertical baffles to reduce liquid sloshing in a fuel tank that under sinusoidal force and it was found by the total kinetic energy of fluid that baffles have an important role to reduce the liquid sloshing in a container thus it is an effective way. The developed model in this study can be used in the design and optimization of liquid container and the best arrangement for the inside baffles.


, sloshing, CFD, VOF, baffle, liquid container
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%A Javanshir, Alireza
%A Elahi, Rasool
%A Passandideh-Fard, Mohammad
%J The 12th Iranian Aerospace Society Conference
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