International Journal of Agronomy and Plant Production, Volume (4), No (10), Year (2013-10) , Pages (2759-2763)

Title : ( Investigating Factors Marketing Pomegranate in Fars )

Authors: Mohammad Reza Kohansal , mohsen rahimi ,

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Marketing agricultural products while establishing a balance between supply and demand in various stages of production to final consumption stabilize farm income and satisfy consumer demand. Therefore, agricultural marketing study seems necessary. In this study, pomegranate marketing in Fars province was investigated and its various marketing channels were also evaluated. In this paper, we have proposed the significant factors affect marketing margin of raised pomegranate in Fas (Iran) in 2012 .The results showed that the total marketing margin ,wholesalers and retailing are 240, 100 and 140 is Rials respectively . Received portions of producer wholesaler and retailer of total price are also 74.5, 15 and 10.5 percent . Estimated Marketing cost model is 240 Rials is equivalent to 14 percent .The standard to certify the transparent market indicates that the direction of marketing pomegranate is not transparent, which decreases the effectiveness of market. Results to estimate the functions of marketing margin by mark up model indicated that price , Marketing cost and transportation cost are directly associated with the marketing margin at retailing level.Also evaluations show that not being aware of market state , lack of infrastructural facilities are of the most important problems for products of pomegranate


, marketing margin, pomegranate, marketing cost, effectiveness, mark up model, Fars province.
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