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Title : ( The first report of bovine amorphus fetus in a triplet pregnancy )

Authors: Hossein Nourani ,

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Amorphus fetus is a rare and incidental finding in bovine placentas especially. This anomaly has been reported in bovine twin pregnancies. Amorphus fetus also called acardiac monster, holoacardius amorphus or acardius amorphus, amorphus globosus and fetal mole. These terms are used to describe the acardius anomaly when the general body form was not recognizable. A six years old cow was referred to Veterinary clinic of Shahrekord University due to fetal membranes retention in May 2007. An amorphus fetus was expelled following the delivery of two normal calves. The amorphus fetus, weighing 30 gram was kidney-shaped with two convex and concave surfaces and borders. The convex surface is composed of three segments but the other one had two parts. The entire mass was covered with hair which bore the characteristic pigmentation of Holstein cattle. Histological examination of Amorphus fetus reveald that this mass was covered by thin keratinized squamous epithelium and collagenous connective tissue, hair follicles and associated sebaceous glands were seen beneath the epidermis. In addition to collagenous connective tissue, skeletal muscle and adipose tissue were observed in the central part of the mass. The purpose of this case report is to describe macroscopic and microscopic features of the amorphus fetus and to increase the practitioner,s awareness about it. To our knowledge, there is no report about occurrence of amorphus fetus along with two normal calves in cattle and, for the first time, is reported in this study.


, Amorphus fetus, Acardius, Morphology, Calf
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