Solid-State Electronics, ( ISI ), Volume (50), No (11), Year (2006-11) , Pages (1787-1795)

Title : ( A voltage-dependent channel length extraction method for MOSFET’s )

Authors: Mojtaba Joodaki ,

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In this paper a new method for extraction of the channel length and channel resistance as a function of gate-voltage in MOSFET’s is introduced. The method is accurate and calculates the threshold voltages of all devices with different gate-lengths. The channel resistance is divided in two parts; the first part is a function of gate-voltage and threshold voltage difference (Vg − Vt) and the second part is only a function of gate-voltage. Further, the model determines the threshold voltage of short-channel devices independent of their parasitic resistances and implements the channel mobility as an arbitrary function of gate-voltage while the gate-voltage-dependent part of the resistance is uniquely separated from the first part of channel resistance for all devices.


MOSFET’s; Channel length extraction; Drain–source resistance
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