Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, ( ISI ), Volume (12), No (12), Year (2010-1) , Pages (910-916)

Title : ( Clinical comparison of primary versus secondary epilepsy in 125 cats )

Authors: A. Pakozdy , M. Leschnik , Ali Asghar Sarchahi , A. Tichy , J.G. Thalhammer ,

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In the present study 125 cats with recurrent seizures were analysed. The main goal was to investigate the aetiology and compare primary epilepsy (PE) with secondary epilepsy (SE) regarding signalment, history, ictal pattern, clinical and neurological findings. Seizure aetiology was classified as PE in 47 (38%) and SE in 78 (62%) cats. SE was caused mainly by intracranial neoplasia (16), hippocampal necrosis (14), toxicosis (eight), and encephalitis (seven). A significant difference between PE and SE was found in: age, body weight, duration of seizure, occurrence of status epilepticus and neurological deficits. Status epilepticus, altered interictal neurological status and seizure onset over the age of 7 years indicated SE more frequently than PE. If the seizures occurred during resting conditions and rapid running occurred the aetiology was more likely to be PE than SE.


, Cat, primary epilepsy, secondary epilepsy
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