Linear Algebra and its Applications, ( ISI ), Volume (438), No (10), Year (2013-4) , Pages (3776-3780)

Title : ( Bellman inequality for Hilbert space operators )

Authors: Ali Morassaei , Farazollah Mirzapour , Mohammad Sal Moslehian ,

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We establish some operator versions of Bellman s inequality. In particular, we prove that if Phi: mathbb{B}( mathscr{H}) to mathbb{B}( mathscr{K}) is a unital positive linear map, A,B in mathbb{B}( mathscr{H})$ are contractions, p>1 and 0 leq lambda leq 1 , then begin{eqnarray*} big( Phi(I_ mathscr{H}-A nabla_{ lambda}B) big)^{1/p} ge Phi big((I_ mathscr{H}-A)^{1/p} nabla_{ lambda}(I_ mathscr{H}-B)^{1/p} big). end{eqnarray*}


, Bellman inequality, Operator arithmetic mean, Operator concave, Operator decreasing, Positive linear functional
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