Acta Comparanda, Volume (24), No (24), Year (2013-5) , Pages (29-44)

Title : ( Asceticism in the Opinion of the Yogi and Arif )

Authors: Fayyaz Gharaei ,

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Abstract This paper is going to show the basic similarities and differences between two great systems of practical mysticism, Hindu Yoga and Muslim Riyah, in a comparative way. Both these systems have seriously attention to asceticism in order to spiritual deliverance and salvation (Hindu\'s moka and Muslim\'s fal) in terms of their worldview and teaching. In these two systems, the soul is first and the body is second, and the body should be in the service of the soul. Although apparently and namely the principles of these systems are different, but the aim of them is same: spiritual transcendent and eventually freedom and salvation.


, Hindu, Muslim, Asceticism, yogi
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