Science of The Total Environment, ( ISI ), Volume (470-471), No (127), Year (2014-1) , Pages (651-659)

Title : ( Impact of green roofs on stormwater quality in a South Australian urban environment )

Authors: M. Razzaghmanesh , S.Beecham , Fatemeh Kazemi ,

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Green roofs are an increasingly important component of water sensitive urban design systems and can potentially improve the quality of urban runoff.However, there is evidence that they can occasionally act as a source rather than a sink for pollutants. In this study, the water quality of the outflow from both intensive and extensive green roof systems were studied in the city of Adelaide, South Australia over a period of nine months. The aim was to examine the effects of different green roof configurations on stormwater quality and to compare this with runoff from aluminium and asphalt roofs as control surfaces. The contaminant concentrations in runoff from both intensive and extensive green roofs generally decreased during the study period. A comparison between the two types of green roof showed that except for some events for EC, TDS and chloride, the values of the parameters such as pH, turbidity, nitrate, phosphate and potassium in intensive green roof outflows were higher than in the outflows from the extensive green roofs. These concentrations were compared to local, state, national and international water quality guidelines in order to investigate the potential for outflow runoff from green roofs to be reused for potable and non-potable purposes. The study found that green roof outflow can provide an alternative water source for non-potable purposes such as urban landscape irrigation and toilet flushing.


, Green roofs, Water sensitive urban design, Stormwater quality
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