Technical Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Volume (1), No (1), Year (2013-3) , Pages (3071-3075)

Title : ( A Review of the Concept of Sick Person in Islam )

Authors: Seyed Javad Khatami , Gholamreza Raeisian , somaye khatami ,

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In the Islamic culture, we face a human whose life is only limited to spending phases of germinal, infancy, childhood, youth and old age. With this approach, the words and concepts find deep and new form. This article attempts to deal with one of the most common concepts in human s life, i.e. disease in view of Islam while responding to questions put forward in this regard. For this purpose, the root of the word disease in Arabic (i.e. Maraza) and its derivatives were studied in all the Quranic verses (Muslim Holy Scripture). There are two kinds of Quranic verses (totally amounting to 23 verses) which refer to the disease with Mariz or Marza . Examining verses which refer to the disease derived from the word root maraza and studying their characteristics lead us to the interesting results and considerable findings. In the first category, the diseases of the body, Allah looks at sick persons with these kinds of diseases with blessing and kindness while the second category, i.e. the diseases of the heart and soul, are chastisements together with wrath which require urgent treatment. It is hoped that we will be able to elucidate the status and importance of these diseases among people through this paper. Finally, having recourse to the most pure words of Allah it will be clarified how people shall approach toward such diseases.


, Maraza, Mariz (sick person), Quran
برای دانلود از شناسه و رمز عبور پرتال پویا استفاده کنید.

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