Biosensors and Bioelectronics, ( ISI ), Volume (50), No (50), Year (2013-12) , Pages (492-498)

Title : ( An ultrasensitivemolecularly-imprintedhumancardiac troponinsensor )

Authors: Najmeh Karimian , mikhail vagin , Mohammad Hossein Arbab Zavar , Mahmod CHamsaz , Antony Turner , ashtush tiwari ,

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Cardiac troponin T (TnT) is a highly sensitive cardiac biomarker for myocardial infarction. In this study, the fabrication and characterisation of a novel sensor for human TnT based on a molecularly-imprinted electrosynthesised polymer is reported. A TnT sensitive layer was prepared by electropolymerisation of o-phenylenediamine (o-PD) on a gold electrode in the presence of TnT as a template. To develop the molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP), the template molecules were removed from the modified electrode surface by washing with alkaline ethanol. Electrochemical methods were used to monitor the processes of electropolymerisation, template removal and binding. The imprinted layer was characterised by cyclic voltammetry (CV), electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and atomic force microscopy (AFM). The incubation of the MIP-modified electrode with respect to TnT concentration resulted in a suppression of the ferro/ferricyanide redox process. Experimental conditions were optimised and a linear relationship was observed between the peak current of [Fe(CN)6]3−/[Fe(CN)6]4− and the concentration of TnT in buffer over the range 0.009–0.8 ng/mL, with a detection limit of 9 pg/mL. The TnT MIP sensor was shown to have a high affinity to TnT in comparison with non-imprinted polymer (NIP) electrodes in both buffer and blood serum.


Cardiac biomarker; troponin T; Molecularly imprinted polymer electrode; MIP sensor
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