Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements, ( ISI ), Volume (207-208), Year (2010-10) , Pages (61-64)

Title : ( Gluon parton density in the chiral quark model )

Authors: Abolfazl Mirjalili , Mohammad Mahdi Yazdan panah , Karim Ghorbani , Seyyedeh Fatemeh Taghavi shahri ,

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Dynamical chiral symmetry breaking is one of the most important properties of low energy QCD. The breaking pattern has a profound impact on phenomenological quantities. Here we extend the idea of the meson cloud approach in the chiral quark model to include a gluon cloud in order to model the parton densities in the nucleon, based on the constituent quark framework. To obtain parton densities, including the gluon density in the constituent quark approach , we use the splitting functions of a quark to quark-meson and quark-gluon at low Q2 values. The parton densities at high energies can be obtained, using the DGLAP evolution equations. A good agreement with that expected is computed for the fraction of the total momentum of the proton which is carried by gluon.


, gluon density, nucleon structure, chiral quark
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