Physical Review A, ( ISI ), Volume (83), No (4), Year (2011-4) , Pages (423061-423067)

Title : ( Concurrence of superpositions of many states )

Authors: Seyed Javad Akhtarshenas ,

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In this paper, we use the concurrence vector as a measure of entanglement, and investigate lower and upper bounds on the concurrence of a superposition of bipartite states as a function of the concurrence of the superposed states. We show that the amount of entanglement quantified by the concurrence vector is exactly the same as that quantified by I concurrence, so that our results can be compared to those given in Phys. Rev. A 76, 042328 (2007). We obtain a tighter lower bound in the case in which the two superposed states are orthogonal. We also show that when the two superposed states are not necessarily orthogonal, both lower and upper bounds are, in general, tighter than the bounds given in terms of the I concurrence. An extension of the results to the case with more than two states in the superpositions is also given.


, Quantum entanglement, Concurrence, superposition
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