Applied Mathematics E-Notes, Volume (13), No (1), Year (2013-1) , Pages (212-220)

Title : ( Generalizations Of Bernoulli’s Inequality With Utility-Based Approach )

Authors: Alireza Hoseinzadeh , Gholam Reza Mohtashami Borzadaran , Gholamhosein Yari ,

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Utility function is one of the most useful tools in mathematical …nance, deci-sion analysis and economics. The concept of expected utility is used in economics to describe the behavior of a decision-maker choosing between a certain number of random gains. In this paper, some generalizations of the Bernoulli’s inequality are derived by using methods from the utility theory. In particular, we obtain Harmonic-Geometric-Arithmetic mean inequality and give a generalization of it.


, Utility function, Bernoulli’s inequality, Shannon entropy
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