Advances in Numerical Analysis, Volume (2013), No (1), Year (2013-1) , Pages (1-7)

Title : ( Convergent Homotopy Analysis Method for Solving Linear Systems )

Authors: Hamideh Nasabzadeh , Faezeh Toutounian Mashhad ,

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By using homotopy analysismethod (HAM), we introduce an iterative method for solving linear systems.This method (HAM) can be used to accelerate the convergence of the basic iterative methods. We also show that by applying HAM to a divergent iterative scheme, it is possible to construct a convergent homotopy-series solution when the iteration matrix G of the iterative scheme has particular properties such as being symmetric, having real eigenvalues. Numerical experiments are given to show the efficiency of the new method.


, Linear systems, Iterative methods, Homotopy Analysis
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