Science of The Total Environment, ( ISI ), Volume (476-477), No (477), Year (2014-1) , Pages (288-297)

Title : ( The growth and survival of plants in urban green roofs in a dry climate )

Authors: Mostafa Razzaghmanesh , Simon Beecham , Fatemeh Kazemi ,

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Green roofs as one of the components of water-sensitive urban design have become widely used in recent years. This paper describes performance monitoring of four prototype-scale experimental green roofs in a northern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia, undertaken over a 1-year period. Four species of indigenous Australian ground cover and grass species comprising Carpobrotus rossii, Lomandra longifolia ‘Tanika,’ Dianella caerula ‘Breeze’ and Myoporum parvifolium were planted in extensive and intensive green roof configurations using two different growing media. The first medium consisted of crushed brick, scoria, coir fibre and composted organics while the second comprised scoria, composted pine bark and hydro-cell flakes. Plant growth indices including vertical and horizontal growth rate, leaf succulence, shoot and root biomasses, water use efficiency and irrigation regimes were studied during a 12-month period. The results showed that the succulent species, C. rossii, can best tolerate the hot, dry summer conditions of South Australia, and this species showed a 100% survival rate and had the maximumhorizontal growth rate, leaf succulence, shoot biomass andwater use efficiency. All of the plants in the intensive green roofs with the crushed brick mix media survived during the term of this study. It was shown that stormwater can be used as a source of irrigation water for green roofs during 8 months of the year in Adelaide. However, supplementary irrigation is required for some of the plants over a full annual cycle.


, Green roof, Water-sensitive urban design, Stormwater, Water use efficiency, Plant growth index
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