International Journal of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Science, Volume (1), No (12), Year (2013-1) , Pages (2852-2862)

Title : ( The role of urban region structures in crime developments )

Authors: Mohammad Ajza Shokouhi , batool sayyedi marghaki ,

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Abstract: Unlimited urbanization that causes extraordinary developments in urban regions (the living environments for the majority of people worldwide in the future) results in extended violent behaviors, increase in unsecure living atmospheres and an unrecorded development in crimes yet. These inelegances mainly rise from the malformations seen in urban region structures. Extraordinary crime events is not only in contrast with social principals but forms the major source for mankind agonies, loss of human resources, despairs and a covering dark feeling in human communities. Some improper designs for cities including raster designs, irregular and out of order passages patterns that result in developing some insecure, dark and unordered corners and cause the criminals to escape more fast lead into increased urbanized crimes. The solution lays behind the theory of CEPTED that clarifies humankind dependence in his residential place and his interest to defend it. Anyway, a suitable designing pattern for private and semi-private residential atmospheres along with strengthening residents’ feelings for depending on their houses as well as direct and indirect supervisions in formal and informal forms can lead the urban societies toward more secure cities for legal standing people and more unsecure atmospheres for the criminals. Regarding the importance of security and its mental affects in human societies it seems necessary to pay more attention to more suitable municipal designs with omitting left spots, enhancing citizens’ cultural knowledge and optimizing old infrastructures in order to decline the steep ascending trend of crimes that threatens the security of people in urban regions.


, Key words: urban forms, urbanized crime, urbanized defense, urban design pattern
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