Key Engineering Materials, Volume (600), No (10), Year (2014-2) , Pages (69-77)

Title : ( New Approaches to Bond Between Bamboo and Concrete )

Authors: Arash Azadeh , Hassan Haji Kazemi ,

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Abstract. Increasing bond between bamboo and concrete is one of the important concerns in using bamboo as reinforcement. Concrete cover rupture and bond failure between bamboo and concrete could be considered as two important causes of element rupture. In this paper, bamboo corrugation as a new method has been proposed. Bamboo corrugation is suggested as a mechanism to interlock bamboo and concrete in order to assist the cohesion and skin friction and increase the total bond. Because of remarkable difference between steel shear strength and longitudinal shear strength of bamboo, the interlock mechanism is different. First, the relation between parameters like bamboo longitudinal shear strength, concrete shear strength and the kind of coating or treating of bamboo has been investigated. Then, the proper shape of bamboo corrugation (relation between size, depth and space between dents) will obtain. Using corrugated bamboo strip can improve bond between these two materials even if bamboo strips have not been treated


, Bamboo, Concrete, Bond, Corrugation
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