Theory and Practice in Language Studies, Volume (4), No (3), Year (2014-3) , Pages (593-601)

Title : ( Exploring Stance and Engagement Features in Discourse Analysis Papers )

Authors: Leila Sayah , Mohammad Reza Hashemi ,

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Stance and engagement features as the necessary devices in structuring the correspondence between text, readers and social context primarily illuminate the main subtleties of rhetorical functions in most academic writings. Although they have received a pivotal importance in many recent studies, not all the features of stance and engagement have been investigated in different fields of studies. To fill the gap, to some extent, ninety discourse articles published in ISI and non ISI journals on sociology, linguistic and education were selected and analyzed in terms of Hyland (2005) model. We found significant differences in developing features like hedges, self mention and appeals to shared knowledge in either of them. Over application of boosters or hedges observed in some articles attains the necessity to realize the significant preferred communicative style, interpersonal strategies, and organized preconceptions of each researcher in writing discourse analysis articles. We further suggested developing an exclusive content highlighting sociocultural perspectives as well as providing the students with subtle interactive stance and engagement features in promoting the writers\\\\\\\' discursive persona in academia.


, stance, engagement features, shared knowledge, self mention, booster
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