International Journal of Acarology, ( ISI ), Volume (40), No (2), Year (2014-4) , Pages (133-137)

Title : ( Mites associated with passerine birds in eastern Iran )

Authors: Behnoush Moodi , Mansour Aliabadian , Ali Moshaverinia , Omid Mirshamsi , Farid Faraji ,

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This study was carried out to identify mite species infesting passerine birds in eastern Iran. A total of 106 passerine birds from 37 species were captured and examined for mite infestation. Of the 106 birds examined, 35 birds (33.01%) were infested with mites. Fourteen mite species were removed from infested birds and identified as follows: Leptotrombidium (Ericotrombidium) limpidum Kudryashova, 1976, Harpyrhynchoides rubeculinus Cerny and Sixl, 1971, Neoschoengastia longitarsalis Schluger and Belskaj, 1966, Ptilonyssus pirangae Cerny, 1969, Ptilonyssus hirsti Castro and Pareira, 1947, Ptilonyssus icteridius Strandtmann and Furman, 1956, Proctophyllodes stylifer Buhholz, 1869, Proctophyllodes clavatus Fritsch, 1961, Proctophyllodes truncatus Robin, 1877, Proctophyllodes orientalis Gaud, 1953, Dolichodectes edwardsi Trouessart, 1885, Strelkoviacarus critesi Spory 1965, Dermanyssus brevis Ewing, 1936 and Ornithonyssus sylviarum Canestrini and Fanzago, 1877. In this study O. sylviarum, D. brevis, P. pirangae, P. hirsti, P. icteridius, H. rubeculinus, N. longitarsalis, D. edwardsi, P. stylifer, P. truncates and P. clavatus are new records of these mites for Iran. Proctophyllodes clavatus on Common Chiffchaff, D. edwardsi on Tree Sparrow and Olivaceous Warbler, S. critesi on Common Chiffchaff, House sparrow and Corn Bunting, P. pirangae on Common Greenfinch, H. rubeculinus on Common Nightingale and P. icteridius on Red-headed Bunting were recorded for the first time in the world.


nasal mites; passerine birds; Iran; feather mites; Northern Fowl Mite; chiggers
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