Sugar Tech, ( ISI ), Volume (16), No (3), Year (2014-4) , Pages (311-318)

Title : ( Performance investigation of electrochemical treatment process on wastewater of applicable )

Authors: eisa jahed , Mohammad Hossein Haddad khodaparast , fahimeh lotfian , Amin Mousavi Khaneghah ,

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This is an experimental study at laboratory scale that as pilot on the sugar factories waste water of dicolorization resins has been performed. The aim of this study is investigation of treatment possibility of this wastewater by using the electrochemical method. For this purpose the quality parameters like COD, color, turbidity and TDS were used as pollution index. In this study how decrease of color, turbidity, COD and TDS from effluent was investigated at different voltages (10.8 , 16.3 and 27.9 V) and various electrolysis times (10, 25 and 40 min) using the different electrodes (Al , Fe) with 4 cm middle distance. Experimental results demonstrated that the electrochemical process by using electrocoagulation and flocculation mechanisms can decrease color, turbidity and COD to 90.8%, 98.9% and 50.5% respectively. Also it was show that by water reclamation in cathode,, the electrochemical process has caused the final PH of effluent to increase with no considerable effect on the TDS of the effluent. Results indicated that electrochemical process without additives, can eliminate greatly various containments from wastewater and overall by using this process can be design and implement an appropriate method for treating this kind of wastewater.


, Electrochemical process, wastewater treatment, decolorization resins, Sugar factories
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