Nuclear Physics B, ( ISI ), Volume (884), No (1), Year (2014-7) , Pages (408-437)

Title : ( Sphere-level Ramond-Ramond couplings in Ramond-Neveu-Schwarz formalism )

Authors: Hamidreza Bakhtiarizadeh , Mohammad Reza Garousi ,

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We calculate in details the sphere-level scattering amplitude of two Ramond-Ramond (RR) and two Neveu-Schwarz-Neveu-Schwarz (NSNS) vertex operators in type II superstring theories in Ramond-Neveu-Schwarz (RNS) formalism. We then compare the expansion of this amplitude at order $\alpha'^3$ with the eight-derivative couplings of the gravity and B-field that have been recently found based on S-dual and T-dual Ward identities. We find exact agreement. Moreover, using the above S-matrix element, we have found various couplings involving the dilaton field, and shown that they are also fully consistent with these Ward identities.


, Superstring, S-matrix, Higher-derivative
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