Scientia Iranica, ( ISI ), Volume (21), No (3), Year (2014-3) , Pages (569-577)

Title : ( Effect of a new wet soot absorber on soot removal of a diesel engine )

Authors: Mohsen Ghazikhani , Mohammad Ebrahim Feyz , I. Khazaee , Ali Ghazikhani , Seyed Mohammad Javid Mahmoudzadeh Akherat ,

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In the following investigation, a submerged-type Wet Soot Absorber (WSA) is studied, and its capability to reduce the soot emission level of a four cylinder, Direct Injection (DI) diesel engine is evaluated. The WSA can provide a large contact area between water and exhaust ow, which increases the soot capturing probability. Hence, the system can be more compact and suitable for vehicle engine applications. The ECE-R49 standard test is followed to assess the e ect of the WSA on engine performance and soot emission.The experiments revealed that a soot removal eciency of 70% is attained under full-load engine operating conditions, due to the high momentum of exhaust gas ow entering the chamber of the unit and providing more ow penetration into the water. Also, further bubble break-up in high gas velocity results in a larger liquid-gas interface and contributes to better soot removal. The minor negative e ects of utilizing the WSA on Brake Specif c Fuel Consumption (BSFC) are also compared with those of conventional DPFs, and the advantages of WSA are discussed.


Wet soot absorber;Diesel particulate matter; BSFC.
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