Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, ( ISI ), Volume (818), No (1), Year (2014-7) , Pages (197-212)

Title : ( An Overview of Brevinin Superfamily: Structure, Function and Clinical Perspectives )

Authors: Anna Savelyeva , Saeid Ghavami , Padideh Davoodpour , Ahmad Asoodeh , Marek J. Łos ,

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Antimicrobial peptides are the backbone of first-line defense against various microorganisms in the animal kingdom. Thus, not surprisingly, they are gaining attention in the science and medical fields as a rich repository of new pro-drugs. Below, we focus our attention on the Brevinin family of anuran peptides. While most of them show strong antibacterial activities, some, e.g. Brevinin-2R, appear to be promising anticancer molecules, exhibiting better a therapeutic window than widely-use anticancer drugs like doxorubicin. We briefly introduce the field, followed by highlighting the promising therapeutic properties of Brevinins. Next, we provide information about the cloning and phylogenetic aspects of Brevinin genes. In the final paragraphs of this chapter, we discuss possible largescale production methods of Brevinins, giving examples of some systems that are already in use. Towards the end, we discuss various means of modification of biologic properties of Brevinins, either by chemical modifications or by amino acid substitution and sequence rearrangements. In this context, also other unique properties of Brevinins are briefly mentioned. Finally, we discuss the future of the Brevinin field, particularly highlighting yet to be answered biologic questions, like for example presumed anti-viral and antitumor activities of Brevinin family members.


, Amidophosphoribosyltransferase , Bionanomaterials , Brevinin, Bufodienolides , Bufogenines , Cathepsin , Esculentin , Hypoglycemia, Japonicin, Magainins , Nanocarrier , Nigrocin, Palustrin, Peptidomimetica, Phosphatidylserines , Rana box , Ranacyclin, Ranalexin, Ranateurin, Ranid frogs • Temporin
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