Academ Arena, Volume (6), No (7), Year (2014-6) , Pages (10-16)

Title : ( Brave and holdness in Alomeiatol Arab (Ashanfari )

Authors: Mohammad Bostan , Aamad Rez Hidarian Shahri , Zahra Atighy ,

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Human thoughts even in a simple person can be so great and complicated which sometimes with complete simplicity and preliminary play and important role that is difficult to believe. The ignorance age which describes with the qualities of human, animal, brutal and murder, looking, fighting and war are the early and continued habits of that time, at the meantime existence of such thoughts which originate from that age tribal system laws, sometime several delicates points combine with rough regulations which their expression is never without grace; The above mentioned poet (Ashanfari) and other ignorant Arab Poets who are the indicators of that age, address brave and courage with different concepts, so their criteria can be different subject-matters including: Strong intention and overcoming sensual desire, defending one's fellow-creatures, not bothering others, fighting alone, and standing against life's hard and difficult problems, courage and fearless against needs, associating with animals in deserts and caves, using different warfare weapons beside his firm intention, laughing at death and Poverty in their real existence, hospitability and sacrificing all his properties for the sake of them, indicating his anger even with a cry and scream, without sitting with wives and bondswomen, always indicating loyalty towards his tribe, presence in battle field consistently, having excellent aspiration and needless of others. Convincing to the least of living affairs, refusing oppression from anybody even from kings and sultans which caused him to spend years of his life in deserts, but doesn't obey any lord or governor. These were among qualities which Arabs considered as bravery and boldness, in particular Ashanfari. These qualities with unique beauty are entirely in a very short but valuable phrase of Holy prophet's precious saying "Ashjaonas man ghalabahawa".


, war, bravery, patience, sensual desire, Arab pagan state (ignorance) before
برای دانلود از شناسه و رمز عبور پرتال پویا استفاده کنید.

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