Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Volume (2014), Year (2014-1) , Pages (1-12)

Title : ( A New Evolutionary-Incremental Framework for Feature Selection )

Authors: Mohamad Hoseyn Sigari , Muhammad Reza Pourshahabi , Hamid Reza Pourreza ,

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Feature selection is an NP-hard problem fromthe viewpoint of algorithmdesign and it is one of the main open problems in pattern recognition. In this paper, we propose a new evolutionary-incremental framework for feature selection.The proposed framework can be applied on an ordinary evolutionary algorithm (EA) such as genetic algorithm (GA) or invasive weed optimization (IWO). This framework proposes some generic modifications on ordinary EAs to be compatible with the variable length of solutions. In this framework, the solutions related to the primary generations have short length. Then, the length of solutions may be increased through generations gradually. In addition, our evolutionary-incremental framework deploys two new operators called addition and deletion operators which change the length of solutions randomly. For evaluation of the proposed framework, we use that for feature selection in the application of face recognition. In this regard, we applied our feature selection method on a robust face recognition algorithm which is based on the extraction of Gabor coefficients. Experimental results show that our proposed evolutionary-incremental framework can select a few number of features from existing thousands features efficiently. Comparison result of the proposed methods with the previous methods shows that our framework is comprehensive, robust, and well-defined to apply on many EAs for feature selection.


, Evolutionary-Incremental Framework, Feature Selection
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