Journal of Middle East Applied Science and Technology, Volume (13), No (4), Year (2014-9) , Pages (946-951)

Title : ( Evaluation of Remote Sensing Data for Estimation of Precipitation )

Authors: Hadi Ghafourian Ghods Kameli , Seyed Hossein Sanaei Nejad , Alireza Nasiri Khanghah ,

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Precipitation patterns determination for dry periods in space and time is necessary for drought adaptation plans. Precipitation data plays a key role in drought monitoring, however short period of measured data and inappropriate distribution of weather stations, the study of water resources / climate in some regions of the province is carried out with difficulty. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize other reliable climatic data resources. Then to overpass the difficulty, after verification, the data is used to complete or substitute the existing data. Accordingly, in this research for Khorasan Razavi province using data from 10 synoptic stations around the province, the monthly precipitation data of TRMM satellite was evaluated. The evaluation was measured using MBE (Mean Bias Error), R2 (Coefficient of Determination) and relative bias (percentage of relative bias). The results showed that there was a very good consistency between earth and satellite rainfall data. R2 (ratio) average value for stations with less and more than 200m annual rainfall was 0.88 and 0.93, respectively.Based on the results, it can be concluded that the satellite data has the capability use for rainfall source over the province.


, Khorasan Razavi province, rainfall, remote sensing, TRMM, 3B43 product
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