Atlantic Review of Economics, دوره (2), سال (2014-12) , صفحات (1-19)

عنوان : ( Study of Cash Waqf and Its Impact on Poverty (Case Study of Iran)1 )

نویسندگان: سیدمحمد سیدحسینی , تقی ابراهیمی سالاری , سیدمهدی نریمانی زمان آبادی ,
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Considering the present situation of the society of Iran and according to the effect of grand institution of waqf in resolving problems such as poverty, it is necessary to make an opportunity that new subject such as cash waqf being studied and examined. Hence, the purpose of this research is to analysis the role of cash waqf in investment increase in the form of financing the Islamic contracts and it’s economic impact on poverty reduction. As the methodology of this research is survey-analysis and based on analysis of covariance matrix by using a Structural Equations Modeling(SEM), a questionnaire has been designed and distributed among 110 members of related professors and specialists in mashhad city- Iran. The results of this research show that if cash waqf can be used as a financial instrument in the Islamic economy, It can be a source of increase in investment in the form of Islamic contracts and legal forms and by spending the profit of investment on poverty reduction programs, we can expect it’s positive impact on poverty reduction. With this research we want to try to make an early design of poverty alleviation in the financial viewpoint of cash waqf. It is suggested that other researchers enter other macroeconomic variables (e.g. economic growth, inflation, etc.) that can potentially affected by the implementation of cash waqf funds.The results of this paper may serve as a scientific resource for the waqf institutions and also can be used in the banking system of Iran for charitable purposes. Moreover, due to the increase of orientation towards Islamic economic in Iran, this survey can be a good source for studies and researchers of university. This paper is the first study on cash waqf in Iran that provide economic result based on statistical methodology and questionnaire. Conversely, other studies are based on Juridical methodology.

کلمات کلیدی

, Waqf, Cash Waqf, Investment, Poverty, Iran
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