Communication on Applied Mathematics and Computation, Volume (28), No (4), Year (2014-12) , Pages (379-389)

Title : ( Inequalities for trace on $\tau$-measurable operators )

Authors: Mohammad Sal Moslehian , Ghadir Sadeghi ,

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Let $\mathfrak{M}$ be a semifinite von Neumann algebra on a Hilbert space equipped with a faithful normal semifinite trace $\tau$. A closed densely defined operator $x$ affiliated with $\mathfrak{M}$ is called $\tau$-measurable if there exists a number $\lambda \geq 0$ such that $\tau \left(e^{|x|}(\lambda,\infty)\right)<\infty$. A number of useful inequalities, which are known for the trace on Hilbert space operators, are extended to trace on $\tau$-measurable operators. In particular, these inequalities imply Clarkson inequalities for $n$-tuples of $\tau$-measurable operators. A general parallelogram law for $\tau$-measurable operators are given as well.


, Semifinite von Neumann algebra, $\tau$-measurable, operator, trace, Clarkson inequality
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