٩th International River Engineering Conference , 2014-01-22

Title : ( Semi-circular side weir )

Authors: Saeed Reza Khodashenas ,

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One of the most important discharge control ways is side weir. Semi-circular side weir can be an solution for increasing discharge coefficient. In present research the semi-circular side weir has been studied to find the influence of hydraulic and geometry variables on the  value. Furthermore semi-circular side weir has been compared with labyrinth side weir with a beak angle 90°. 105 experimental tests were conducted on the semi-circular and labyrinth side weir. Upstream Froude number and discharge coefficient were calculated. The results showed that semi-circular side weir has higher coefficient value in comparison with rectangular side weir and labyrinth side weir when beak angle is90°. An inverse relationship between  Value and  was found. Also increase in dimensionless height of weir ( ⁄ ) was causes the  value enhances.


, semi-circular side weir, labyrinth side weir, water surface profile, effective length, discharge coefficient, experimental model
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