Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society, ( ISI ), Volume (12), No (7), Year (2015-5) , Pages (1191-1198)

Title : ( Spectroscopic studies on tungstoheteropolyanions functionalized by amino acids )

Authors: Masoud Mirzaei Shahrabi , Hossein Eshtiagh Hosseini , mina arefian , fatemeh akbarnia , fereshte miri , S. Edalatkar–Moghadam , M. Shamsipur ,

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The 19 new inorganic-organic hybrid compounds based on Keggin, Preyssler and Wells-Dawson – types tungstoheteropolyanions and fairly complete series of essential amino acids were prepared and the structure of these materials is investigated on the basis of CHN analysis and multi-spectroscopic investigations (IR, 1HNMR and 13CNMR). Changes in position and shape of asymmetric stretching vibration bands in finger print regions of polyoxometalates (POMs) were identified in all FT-IR spectra. These changes are related to non covalent interactions between POM surface oxygen atoms and the bio-organic molecules. In reported compounds, 12 natural amino acids out of 20 (i.e., aspartic acid, alanine, glycine, glutamine, asparagine, methionine, cysteine, leucine, arginine, threonine, aspartic acid, disodium glutamate) have participated.


, tungstoheteropolyanions; Keggin; Preyssler; Wells, Dawson; amino acids; spectroscopic studies
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