Iranian EFL Journal, Volume (10), No (6), Year (2014-12) , Pages (82-105)

Title : ( Manipulation in Translation: A Case Study of Milan Kundera’s Three novels )

Authors: Rajabali Askarzadeh Torghabeh , Ghazaleh javad ,

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Translation is not a neutral and value free act and could not be considered out of its social context. Every society has peculiar worldview, ideologies and norms which are different from the other societies. This study examines the effect of imposed dominant ideologies and norms of a community on conscious manipulation of a text in the process of translation in that community and also on reproducing a modified image of the author in target text which is different from what is reflected in source text. The Present study was located within the framework of Lambert and van Gorp (as cited in Munday, 2001) scheme. In an attempt to find answers to the research questions, selected novels were examined in both macro- and micro levels with regard to paratexual materials that surround translations. The result of these examinations show that the translators intentionally manipulate texts based on imposed dominant ideologies and norms of their societies and consequently the author personality which is reflected in target text is different from source text. It could be concluded that, whenever books’ contents are in contrast to target dominant ideologies, be it cultural, political or religious, the translators prefer the latter and apply different manipulation strategies to conform translation to target norms.


, Manipulation, Conscious Manipulation, Unconscious Manipulation, Ideology, Strategy
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