Toward a Just Metropolis , 2010-06-16

Title : ( From Earthquake Crisi to More Equal Metropolis )

Authors: Hossein Maroufi ,

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Abstract: Tehran, the capital of Iran, is one of the youngest and at the same time largest cities in the world with the population of over 8 million in administrative boundary and 13 million in larger metropolitan region. This huge concentration of people, capital and resources, however, has suffered from many physical, social, political and environmental problems which have placed Tehran in a very low grade in recent cities international ranking concerning existing quality of life indicator. In addition, Tehran has been located on dangerous earthquake fault lines which estimated to occur in very near future risking the life of millions of its inhabitants and causing the largest damage ever in the history of the city. As a big challenge to the high level of Tehran‟s socio‐political and economical primacy in Iran, the authorities are considering plans to either relocate the capital or to choose another city for becoming the future capital. In the line of the decision for the future of Tehran, our research group proposes policies based on city‟s potentials, distinctiveness, and opportunity while at the same time focusing on strategies to make a more just and inclusive metropolis.


, Tehran, Earthqauke, Just city, social Equality
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