Magnt Research Report, Volume (1), No (2), Year (2014-7) , Pages (231-237)

Title : ( Analysis of Absurdity of Life in V iewpoint of Abul Ala Ma’arri )

Authors: Abdolghasem Karimi ,

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Abul Ala Ma’arri (974-1058) is one of the rare thinkers that his ideas are dominated by pessimism and his thoughts are dominated by doubt, contradiction and anxiety. Philosophy, ethics, poetry, literature, and his life style is mysterious and covered by hate of existence, pessimism to the world, absurdity and disappointment of life. Pessimism, critical thought and innovative styles of Sheikh Ma’arri are resulted from bad temperament of human; dominant determinism on living things in the world; trapping of soul in the prison of body; amusement of mind to find convincing answers for mystery of creation; lack of truth; and ambiguity of human’s destiny. In order to fight and survive from life with a lot of pains and suffers that has no end except for inexistence; Abul Ala has presented 3 solutions as follows: a) forcible consent and quietism against divine destiny b) optional suffering in order to overcome natural and forcible suffers and c) predestinarian death as the last solution n order to make human free from bitterness of life. At the present study, it has been attempted to find origins of absurdity and pessimism of Abul Ala towards life and his strategies and solutions in this regard would be also investigated.


, Abul Ala Ma’arri, absurdity of life, pessimism, suffer, death
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