Research on Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume (5), No (1), Year (2015-2) , Pages (16-24)

Title : ( Border Management of Cyberspace, First Step of Cyber Defense )

Authors: Mohsen Janparvar , Mohammad Ghasri , Mahdi Hosseinpour Motlagh ,

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Ability to alter according to progress in political, social, technological in society and world is the secret of survival of government. This rule coordinates with "gradual" rule or principle (evolution) of live phenomenon. In the meantime, forming development and progress of information technology and communication transformed human life in different communities and has been made environment as "cyberspace". With forming this space, capacity and high positive and negative potential has been available for users. Here, negative potentials that make challenge, damage and insecurity in society is important. This negative potential is such vandalism and damage through this space that can include worldwide instantly and abuse of computer technologies and internet can endanger national security, public peace and existence of society and impose a lot of negative effects on individual and social life and even existence of country. So, governments react in different way to reaction and defense cyber to challenges and insecurities of cyber space in security and inside space. In this way border management of cyber space is the first step in cyber defense and prominent and important role in controlling and preventing the challenges that come from cyberspace to real space of country. So, this article tries to investigate the position of cyberspace border on cyber defense for the first time according political geography approach and theatrical and analytical studies


, cyberspace, border, cyber defense
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