The 1st congress on Applied Zoology , 2015-01-28

Title : ( Preparation of a natural dressing from animal amniotic membrane )

Authors: Sonia Iranpour , Maryam Moghaddam Matin , Nasser Mahdavi SHahri , راحله میری , nasibeh mohammadzadeh ,

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Skin plays an important role in protecting body from invasive microorganisms and in case of skin injury, it is essential to cover the body with special dressings. In addition to accelerating healing process and preventing infections, the dressing can beeconomically advantageous. There are some reports of successful usage of mammalian and vertebrate amniotic membranes for wound healing. Amniotic membrane, the innermost layer of the placental membrane,consists of five layers including an epithelial, a thick basement membrane, compact layer,fibroblast layer and the spongy layer. In this study, human amniotic membrane was obtained from Mashhad branch of Royan Cord Blood Bank during elective cesarean and transported to laboratory on ice. Then the membrane was washed with phosphate-buffered saline, divided in fragments and cryopreserved under sterile conditions at -80 °C. 0.5 M NaOH was used to remove amniotic cells from the membrane. In order to assess the successful removal of amnion epithelial cells, samples were analyzed by histological technique. The amniotic membrane has unique biological properties including anti-scarring, anti-microbial and low immunogenicity that render it a desirable biomaterial for biological dressing.Amniotic cells do not express HLA-A,-B, -C, and -DR on their surfaces, suggesting that acute rejection would not occur after transplantation.Biological animal dressing can be used in preliminary investigations on regeneration and wound healing in laboratory animals


, amniotic membrane, animal model, biological dressing, wound healing
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