Journal of Chemical Research, ( ISI ), Volume (39), No (4), Year (2015-4) , Pages (220-222)

Title : ( Synthesis of new multi-functionalised 1,1’-carbonylbispyrazole derivatives )

Authors: manijeh mohadeszadeh , Hossein Eshghi , satar saberi , Mostafa Gholizadeh ,

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A new series of multi-functionalised 1,1’-carbonylbispyrazole derivatives were synthesised through cyclisation of pyrazole carbohydrazides with some substituted methylene malononitriles in very good yields. The structures of all synthesised compounds were established on the basis of NMR, IR, MS and elemental analysis.


, pyrazole carbohydrazide, hetero-cyclisation, substituted methylene malononitrile, secondary amines, Michael addition, multifunctionalised 1, 1’-carbonylbispyrazoles
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