CIM Journal, Volume (6), No (1), Year (2015-1) , Pages (42-50)

Title : ( Time-temperature-transformation (TTT) diagram of caustic calcined magnesia )

Authors: Khosrow Ebrahimi Nasrabadi , M.Barati , Peter.W.Scott ,

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The conversion of cryptocrystalline magnesite to caustic magnesia was studied experimentally at temperatures of 400–1,200°C and for calcination times of up to 8 h. A differential thermal analysis–thermal gravimetric analysis showed that decomposition begins at temperatures as low as 340°C and is completed at 600°C. Specific surface area, iodine adsorption number, crystallite size, and loss on ignition were measured to characterize the product quality. It was found that high-quality caustic calcined magnesia can be produced in a narrow temperature (600–650°C) and time range (1–4 h). - See more at:


, Custic Calcined Magnesia, Magnesia quality, Magnesite, Periclase, Time-temperature-transformation (TTT)
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