African Journal of Biotechnology, Volume (14), No (25), Year (2015-6) , Pages (2080-2087)

Title : ( In vitro microtuberization of Black Zira (Bunium persicum Boiss )

Authors: Hossein Mardani , Mahdi Ziyaratnia , Majid Azizi , Han Phyo Aung , Kwame Sarpong Appiah , Yoshiharu Fujii ,

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Bunium persicum or Black Zira is one of the endangered species in the land of Persia. The main purpose of this study was to investigate microtuberization of B persicumin in order to use in germplasm storage and commercial production. Seeds of B. persicum were used as explant. Different culture media (MS, ½MS and B5) along with different concentrations of jasmonic acid (JA) (0, 2 and 5) were used individually as basal media and also in combination with two different temperatures (15 and 20°C) to develop appropriate media for microtuberization. Moreover, propagated microtubers were then vernalized and acclimatized in order to transfer to greenhouse. The results revealed that by increasing in concentration of JA, weight and length of microtubers increased significantly. MS medium seemed to be the most effective basal medium for this plant. In contrary, this study indicated that MS medium and 5 mM JA were the most suitable combination for in vitro culture establishment and short-term maintenance of tested B. persicum. Also, 15°C showed significant effect on increasing the weight of microtubers.


, Microtuberization, Bunium persicum, jasmonic acid, temperature, medium
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