8th International Conference on Advances in Social Sciences (ICASS) , 2015-08-15

Title : ( Globalization and Quality of Life in Iran )

Authors: Ali Yousofi , mohammad noei ,

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Globalization is a social process of integration thorough which different societies in a relatively conscious process and by media and information technology tie together. This process has reinforced global emotions, behaviors and ideas in a way that quality of life (to have resources and opportunities and the ability to mobilize them) in most societies have changed dramatically. On the other way, this process has become a danger for local and national identities, emergence of values and norm conflicts and intensification of existential insecurities. Different societies based on their diverse social –cultural conditions, have different reactions to this situation. Rapid process of globalization in the developing and traditional countries have made their governments to reorganize the society and plan to adopt it, but traditional structures can't tolerate these pressures and stand strongly against them. Then governments play the role of mediator between modern and traditional social forces. This paper focuses on the effect of globalization in Iranian's quality of life and relies on government development plans. Results showed that although the Iranian government has succeeded to promote quality of life in Iran and preparedness for globalization waves in five national development initiatives, but stubby traditional structures in particularly, religious ones, are still the strongest barriers against cosmopolitanism and globalization and the government is still ruled by traditional social forces


, globalization, Iran, Quality of Life, social inclusion
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