Structural Engineering and Mechanics, ( ISI ), Volume (55), No (3), Year (2015-7) , Pages (605-638)

Title : ( Buckling analysis of semi-rigid gabled frames )

Authors: Mohaamad Rezaiee Pajand , Farzad Shahabian Moghadam , Mohsen Bambaeechee ,

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It is intended to perform buckling analysis of steel gabled frames with tapered members and flexible connections. The method is based on the exact solutions of the governing differential equations for stability of a gabled frame with I-section elements. Corresponding buckling load and subsequently effective length factor are obtained for practical use. For several popular frames, the influences of the shape factor, taper ratio, span ratio, flexibility of connections and elastic rotational and translational restraints on the critical load, and corresponding equivalent effective length coefficient are studied. Some of the outcomes are compared against available solutions, demonstrating the accuracy, efficiency and capabilities of the presented approach.


, gabled frame; tapered member; I, section; flexible connection; critical load; effective length factor; buckling
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