Journal of Operator Theory, ( ISI ), Volume (74), No (1), Year (2015-7) , Pages (133-147)

Title : ( Simple reduced Lp-operator crossed products with unique trace )

Authors: Shirin Hejazian , Sanaz Pooya ,

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Given p>1, let G be a countable Powers group, and let (G, A, a) be a separable nondegenerately representable isometric G-Lp-operator algebra. We show that if A is unital and G-simple then the reduced Lp-operator crossed product of A by G is simple. Furthermore, traces on this crossed product are in natural bijection with G-invariant traces on A via the standard conditional expectation. In particular, if A has a unique normalized trace then so does Fp. These results generalize special cases of some results due to de la Harpe and Skanadalis in the case of C*-algebras.


, Lp-operator algebra, G-Lp-operator algebra, covariant representation, regular covariant representation, crossed product, Powers group, G-invariant ideal, simple algebra,
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