Iranian Journal of Language Issues, Volume (1), No (2), Year (2014-6) , Pages (43-62)

Title : ( Metaphorical Conceptualizations of Anger in Ilami Kurdish )

Authors: Amir Karimi pour , Ali Izanloo ,

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In this article, we analyze different anger metaphors and metonymies in Ilami Kurdish. Indeed, it is believed that, through examining the anger (idiomatic) expressions (including metaphor and metonymy) taken from Ilami native individuals, we can probably figure out how anger may be conceptualized in Ilami dialect. By analyzing our data, we noticed that Ilami anger metaphors and metonymies are diverse, as we found different source domains like “animal”, “razor”, “irritating smell”, and many more. Greatly affected by cultural factors, many of these expressions may not go beyond Ilam ‟s linguistic map, as some of the expressions are about the local people who live or lived in the region some time ago, although, as indicated through out the paper, other expressions may overlap with those of other cultures. Another facet of the research is devoted to representing the roles body parts ‟names play in some of anger expressions. Regarding this part, it was figured out that taboo words related to body parts are productively used in these expressions, which potentially intensify the degree of anger emotion in the given metaphors/ metonymies.


, Anger Emotion, Cognitive Metaphor, Ilami Kurdish, Metaphor, Metonymy
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