Journal of Language and Literature, Volume (6), No (2), Year (2015-5) , Pages (306-307)

Title : ( commitment image in george shakur epic )

Authors: hosein daemi , Aamad Rez Hidarian Shahri , Kolsom Seddighi , Hosein Seyedi ,

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Ashura is an epic or a tragedy that can be considered unique because its owners, imams and martyrs of the movement, put themselves into danger and portrayed everything in the battle. Contemporary Arab poets with any religion could not simply disregard Imam Hossein’s great epic of Ashura and the events of both contemporary and poet’s society determines the specified way of expressions in Ashura poetry. Therefore, poets committed themselves to working in poetry and works created were unique and beautiful. Among them, the Lebanese Christian poet, George Shakur, is one whose works and methods are to be investigated by the authors of this paper to study the epic of Hossein through its great contemporary poet. What this paper aims to show is that although George Shakur had an eminent Christian personality, Imam Hossein’s movement and Karbala were both a great event and this event will stick in people’s mind. Imam Hossein does not only belong to Shiites Muslims, but he has a universal character belonging to all generations and people. To sum up, the love of Imam Hossein has been depicted in Shakur’s poetry and his interviews


, : Epic of Hossein, George Shakur, Imam Hossein, Martyrdom,
برای دانلود از شناسه و رمز عبور پرتال پویا استفاده کنید.

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