Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis, ( ISI ), Volume (4), No (2), Year (2010-6) , Pages (99-110)

Title : ( Innerness of higher derivations )

Authors: Madjid Mirzavaziri , kimia naranjani , Asadollah Niknam ,

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Let A be an algebra. A sequence {dn} of linear mappings on A is called a higher derivation if dn(ab) =Pn k=0 dk(a)dn−k(b) for each a, b 2 A and each nonnegative integer n. In this paper a notion of an inner higher derivation is given. We characterize all uniformly bounded inner higher derivations on Banach algebras and show that each uniformly bounded higher derivation on a Banach algebra A is inner provided that each derivation on A is inner.


, Derivation, inner derivation, derivation, higher derivation, inner higher derivation, generating function. holomorphic self-map, composition operator, generally weighted Bloch space
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