International Journal of Research in Management, ( ISI ), Volume (3), No (4), Year (2014-4) , Pages (9-20)

Title : ( Studying the Structural Effects of High-rise Construction on Urban Environment Sustainability )

Authors: Mohammad Rahim Rahnama , mohammad hossein heravi torbati ,

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Nowadays, High-rise Construction phenomenon is extremely developing in all around the world; this is because of house shortage and population growth. From urbanism’s point of view, this phenomenon has hidden dimensions and also plenty of complexities. Aggregation increasing and creating tall buildings, are the main policy that have been emphasized in developed urban designs; till it can be an answer to growing population’s settlement. Besides, Sustainability is propagated in all dimensions that the stable city is one of these dimensions and lets its settlers to estimate their needs and increase their welfare without threat current and future people’s life. The purpose of this research is studying the effects of “High-rise Construction” on urban environment Sustainability that is used analytic-descriptive method. First, we review visionary principles and the stable city and tall building concepts; and then the parameters of each one are compared via check-list (dual matrix) separately and finally, the final parameters of this research are reached. At the end, the final parameters are segmented by: structural, aesthetics and availability scales. Scales of these parameters are evaluated on Janbaz Boulevard that in recent years, High-rise Construction has been advanced in this place. The results show that compulsory imposition to build tall building on city structure, in addition to disarrange the physical balance of cities, result in other problems. However, the “compact growth” is one of stable city’s principles. So, tall buildings have negative effects on city space that result in un-stability of city. Yet, according to population growth, High-rise Construction phenomenon is an obvious problem and this problem is only evaluated positive when tall buildings are stable


, : Construction phenomenon, house shortage, population growth, urban environment
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